Let’s talk about trauma

I decided to write this article after an interaction I had with a woman, who told me that she frequently jokes about her trauma. I realized that I do too, sometimes more and sometimes less, it depends on the mood I have from times to times.

I felt inspired to talk about my trauma, but instead of doing that in one -very very long – article, I decided to create a category of articles that will relate to trauma -mine, yours, everyone’s. I feel that this way I’ll be able to explain more and connect with you on a deeper level.

I come from a very poor and very dysfunctional family. I mention poverty mostly because it’s a social phenomenon that can trigger further dysfunctionality into a system, such as a family. Each of my parents can have a series of articles on them but I’m only going to devote an article for each of them.

I also have a little sister, who still lives with them. Now, before you think of them as monsters, please keep in mind that -as we say in Greek- did what they knew/thought was the right think to do… to and on us. I’ve come to peace with who I am a long time ago, and I forgave them both for what they’ve done to and with me.

My little sister is my world. I love her so so so dearly and cannot think my life without her lighting it. We may be far away from each other but all the kilometers on earth couldn’t separate us. We talk frequently, and discuss about anything and everything.

I realize that there is a multitude of human beings that have gone through hardships in their families, and believe me when I say that, traumas cannot be compared with each other. Each trauma is as unique as the person who lives with it. Actions that affect a little some people, can trigger severe reactions to others. That’s why I ask politely but firmly from every person reading this, to be kind with each other, understanding as to what we’ve been through and open to see things from other people’s side. That’s what empathy is all about. And I’ve come to believe that the more we work with our trauma, the more empathic we become.

There isn’t a type of abuse I haven’t endured in my lifetime so far. My parents were the first to cause it, then my classmates, and then my first two partners. Because once we grow up and start socializing, we pick our abusers. And I don’t say that in an active and decisive way; we aren’t going around in life looking for our abusers. We encounter them and find something familiar in them. For some people that can be a positive father or mother figure, good characteristics from both of them and love. For us, is abuse. That’s what my experience tells me so far.

I’d love to hear your takes on that matter; interacting with people is my inspiration, my passion and my life purpose.

Until next time beautiful people around the world,

Love and light,


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