What’s that keep you moving?

I’ve been away for a good while, because I felt like life became too much. I’ve been feeling guilty for not doing something for my blog -my creation, a creation that took me so much time, energy and some money to build- but I was numb.

I have depression and anxiety. Sometimes I can handle things, sometimes I cannot. But I always realize that I’ve started going down, and do something about it -be it pushing myself, taking one day at a time or more medication-related decisions. So I did and so I’m back -at least I hope!

I’ve been having bad insomniac nights lately and I cannot sleep, or if I do, it’d be intermittent. As I was sitting here, thinking what I have to do for the day (with 3 hours of night sleep), I wondered what keep people moving. I shared mine -what’s yours?

Hope to see your answers below!

Love and Light,


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