Behind the scenes

Mani, Lakonia, Greece. Photo taken by the author. All rights reserved. 2021.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Elena, a Greek gal that resides in Canada and dreams of spending my life working with lovely children that were not treated as they should have: as little cuties, innocent and trusting kids.

I grew up in a family struck with intergenerational trauma, and, as it usually happens, I played my role in that. I spent years and years being numb, being a good daughter, sister and student. In some moments of clarity, I knew that something was off, that this was not what it meant to be. But repetitive trauma is not a good helper and guide in life, generally. I developed all the necessary defensive mechanism in order to survive, and the outcome was successful: I became what my parents wanted me to be; what our little society wanted me to be; what a century (at least) of intergenerational trauma prepared me to be: obedient, successful, and definitely not myself. I wore many hats, in the sense of fake personas. I was my mom’s mother, my father’s mother, my sister’ mother, the one who was responsible for everyone, that cooked, cleaned, studied, worked and, nonetheless, had friends. That, and some experiences that were the offspring of it, gave me an ever-lasting present: Anxiety. I will be coming back to that at another time, because it’s the right place but not the right time to talk about it.

I decided to create a blog to talk about life. Our lives. The easy and the difficult things that make our lives as they are. I’ve always had the tension to overthink things, and I still do it to this day. I think that it’s come to be one of my defining qualities, and I’m not mad at it anymore. Keeping a diary has always been something I kept trying to maintain, but I always ended up leaving it aside for one and the other reason. I recently realized that what I was -and still am- missing, was the dialectical process of it. Like an interactive diary.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a little. Talking about life became a very important thing in my life when I enrolled to my studies in Social Work. Years passed, and a while ago, I thought of combining these two; what’s better than a blog? It seems quite selfish describing like that, but it really isn’t. I really like communicating with people and talking about things that make us happy and things that make us sad.

There have times in my life that I felt like there was no one out there for me, no one to hear me out and feel what I feel. Sometimes we think that when someone talks to us, we have to have an answer, a solution, something. I’ve to come to realize that most of the times, what we need is someone to listen to us. To hear us out. We don’t seek for solutions, sometimes not even for an piece of advice. We just need to know that there’s someone out there that we can confide in her/him, regardless of if it is in-person, via telephone or online.

My dream for this blog is to become a community where we all share things about ourselves, from a frustrating misunderstanding to a daily success, to issues we have been keeping inside us for far too long. A diverse and multi-culturalism community, where everyone is welcome and accepted for who they are, regardless of color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, past experiences, and any and every other characteristic that is used to label and categorize us. I don’t say that the issues steaming from these are not real and painful; all I mean is that I would never take this under consideration when getting to know and befriending someone. We are human beings.

Please make no mistake, I am not a therapist, nor a counselor. I’m not here as a social worker and I’m not pretending to know-it-all. Quite the contrary, I live every day trying to learn something new about the world and about myself. The only thing I know well is that I don’t know everything, and I don’t know what I don’t know. But I’m open and willing to learn.

If you’re reading this, please comment below, let us know your name and anything else you would like to share. 😊

Until next time,


*Homophobic, racist, and any other kind of hatred comments will not be posted. This is a judgement-free, positive blog where everyone is accepted for who and what they are. We are all unique, beautiful people, and we need not apologize for who we are and the choices we have made.

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